Thursday, 27 April 2017

Religion School News

During March, Ruach students celebrated both Purim and Pesach (rather early), on each occasion with a whole morning of activities.

On 11th March, students were invited to come to Ruach in costume for our Purim celebrations. 

Congratulations to the winners of the fancy dress parade: Alice and David. 

As well as dressing up, we also baked tradi,onal homentaschen, and tried our hand at palmiers. These pastries, which look a lile like ears, are a delicious idea for Purim, apparently originating in France. At the end of the morning, we made Mishloach Manot (tradi,onal Purim gifts containing food, including homentaschen), which the students then gave to members of the Shabbat morning congregation, somewhat to their surprise! Many thanks to Barbara Ostermeyer, who made a batch of homentaschen to supplement our own baking endeavours. 

Other activities during the morning were a lively Megillah reading, accompanied by lots of noise from our home-made graggers; an illustrated Megillah, which can be seen on the notice board in the Baron Harris Room; and a Purim Photo Booth (see pictures). 

On 25th March, we celebrated the Ruach Pesach Seder. This was a “bring a friend event.” We were able to include our visitors in the reading of the Haggadah, as well as in a number of other activities, including baking our own Matzah, and the now tradi,onal hard-boiled egg championship. 

April is a quiet month for Ruach, as it includes the Pesach break. However, we are already making plans for May, when LJY Netzer will be joining us in Oakwood Park, for a joint celebration of Yom Ha-atsma’ut and Lag Ba’omer. Also in May, we will be welcoming a new member of Ruach staff, George Panayiotou. George will be teaching the GCSE class when Gerry is away.

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