Thursday, 26 January 2017

Religion School News

The January term starts, as usual, with an INSET training day for Ruach staff. We attend a Limmud-style day, with a choice of sessions, for teachers working in religion schools within Progressive Judaism. The day is organised jointly by Liberal Judaism and the Movement for Reform Judaism. Apart from being a fantastic learning opportunity, it also gives us a chance to compare notes with our colleagues, and benefit from their experiences. 

Also during January, Ruach is holding one of its regular PACT mornings (Parents And Children Together). This is an opportunity for parents to spend part of the morning in class with their child, and to meet their teachers. 

When they do come into class, parents will find us preparing to make a short film as an entry for the Liberal Judaism LAFTAs competition. The film will be on the theme: what would your community look like in the Messianic Age? To prepare for making the film, we have been studying the special LAFTAs curriculum, designed by Rabbi Margaret Jacobi, covering the topics of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Justice and Kindness, as well as learning what we mean by the Messianic Age. 

Meanwhile, our parent and toddler group, Mini-Ruach, is running regularly. During December, we took delivery of some fantastic soft play equipment. Dates for Mini-Ruach sessions can be found on the SPS website and on the Mini-Ruach noticeboard in the Kiddush Room. 

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